About the Journal

The ARIS2 - Advanced Research on Information Systems Security, an International Journal, focuses on the original research and practice-driven applications with relevance to Information Security and Data Protection, published by LAPI2S - Laboratory of Privacy and Information Systems Security and based in Porto, Portugal, owned and edited by Professor Nuno Mateus-Coelho.

The international editorial board of ARIS2 and its guest editors are committed to the highest scientific standards by implementing a strict peer-review policy for submitted articles. It will also regularly invite the best papers from renowned information security venues for publication in ARIS2.

ARIS2 issues are published biannually with a strong emphasis on details and technical contributions, covering a wide range of advanced and latest information security topics, including new and emerging research directions and scientific vision while keeping the readers informed of the state-of-the-art of security techniques, technologies, data protection, applications, and many other related subjects.

ARIS2 stores accepted research in LOCKSS or CLOCKSS archival system.

More details about archiving are available here: Archiving Link

Current ARIS2 topics but not limited to:

Topics and Areas of Interest

  • Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

  • Big data and cybersecurity

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

  • Business, legal, social, and political consequences of IS security and

  • Child safety in the cyberspace

  • Cloud Security

  • Critical infrastructure security

  • Cyber forensics

  • Cyber insurance

  • Cybersecurity and cyber resilience

  • Cyberwarfare

  • Data security and breaches

  • Digital currency, blockchains, and cybercrime

  • Digital Privacy

  • Embedded systems security

  • Ethical use of data and analytics

  • Ethically undesirable online practices

  • Fake news, online discrimination

  • Healthcare information security

  • Information security governance

  • Information security policy and compliance

  • Internet of things security

  • Internet-enabled crimes

  • Law, investigation, internet jurisdiction, and ethics

  • Multimedia security

  • Network security

  • Organizations

  • Possible solutions, regulations, policies

  • Privacy

  • Security management

  • Security threat intelligence

  • Security/privacy concerns on crowdsourcing/crowdfunding platforms

  • Software development security

  • Surveillance and its impact on security, privacy, and ethics

  • Surveillance, interception, blocking, and sovereignty

  • The dark web, live-streaming of crimes, harmful online content

  • Tradeoffs between analytics initiatives and security/privacy

  • User privacy and confidentiality

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Online ISSN: 2795-4560

Print ISSN: 2795-4609