Web 3.0 and Cybersecurity – Short Paper


  • Sónia Silva Mrs.




web 3.0, cybersecurity, security, zero-trust


The Web 3.0 ecosystem is growing exponentially, which also adds to the cybersecurity concerns it imposes. There is a continuous shift in the Internet architecture, from a read/write model to a newer model known as Web 3.0. Global companies are exploring web 3.0 opportunities in their business processes. Along with opportunities, Web 3.0 poses several cybersecurity risks to organizations that need to detect and mitigate efficiently. Data breaches, computer attacks, and social engineering defined the cybersecurity risk landscape of Web 2.0. This work aims to identify solutions to the problem between the evolution of web 3.0 and companies to evolve their infrastructures promptly to ensure the privacy and security of their data.


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