Detection and Handling of Threats in Pre-Established Networks Through a Junior Perspective in Internship Scenario


  • Carlos Barros IPCA – Polytechnic of Cávado and Ave
  • Nuno Mateus-Coelho IPGT-Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology



cybersecurity, threats, infrastructure, free tools


In this paper, there are two questions that we seek to answer, what are the tools used in the industry nowadays regarding its cybersecurity? How is cybersecurity being approached and dealt with by the companies and their greatest difficulties? Along the way it’s observed how the entire interaction with clients is made as also how the investigation on possible threats is conducted and handled, passing through how to detect, analyze and interact with the client team in the mitigation of it, this taking into consideration their infrastructure and capabilities. This paper is taken from the point of view of a junior utilizing free tools to analyze threats and dealing with attempts of infiltrating the network utilizing social engineering tactics as well as more technical skills.


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C. Barros and N. Mateus-Coelho, “Detection and Handling of Threats in Pre-Established Networks Through a Junior Perspective in Internship Scenario”, ARIS2-Journal, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 41–49, Dec. 2021.