Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Mission Statement:
ARIS2 is committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and integrity. We strive to ensure transparency, fairness, and ethical conduct throughout all stages of the publication process.

Responsibilities of the Editor and Executive Editorial Board of ARIS2:
The editor and the executive editorial board of ARIS2 are responsible for:

- Deciding which manuscripts submitted to the journal should be published, guided by the journal's policies and legal requirements regarding libel, copyright infringement, and plagiarism.
- Providing guidance to guest editors, authors, and reviewers on expectations and peer review processes.
- Offering new editorial board members guidelines and keeping existing members updated on policies and developments.
- Evaluating manuscripts solely on academic and intellectual merit, irrespective of author(s)’ personal characteristics.
- Ensuring a fair and unbiased double-blind peer review process while maintaining confidentiality of information.
- Selecting appropriate reviewers and maintaining a database of reviewers, updating it based on performance.
- Avoiding the use of unpublished materials disclosed in a submitted manuscript in the editor's own research without the express written consent of the author.
- Taking responsive measures when ethical complaints arise regarding submitted or published manuscripts, following COPE guidelines.
- Publishing corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies as necessary.

Guest Editors’ Responsibilities:
Guest editors of ARIS2 are responsible for:

- Defining the subject matter and role of each article in a thematic issue.
- Providing clear guidelines to authors regarding the topic, boundaries of their contributions, and overall design of the issue.
- Collaborating with the executive editorial board to select appropriate reviewers for all articles.
- Establishing a timeline for draft paper submission, peer review, revision, and final submission, ensuring all deadlines are met.
- Writing the Introduction to the issue.

Authors’ Responsibilities:
Authors submitting to ARIS2 are responsible for:

- Presenting an accurate account of the research performed and an objective discussion of its significance.
- Representing underlying data accurately in the manuscript; fraudulent or knowingly inaccurate statements are unacceptable.
- Not submitting the same manuscript to more than one publication simultaneously.
- Ensuring originality of their work and appropriately crediting and referencing the work of others.
- Avoiding plagiarism in all forms.
- Confirming that submitted works represent their own contributions and have not been plagiarized.
- Ensuring the manuscript has not been published elsewhere.
- Limiting authorship to those who have made significant contributions and disclosing financial or other conflicts of interest.
- Promptly notifying journal editors of significant errors or inaccuracies in published work.

Reviewers’ Responsibilities:
Reviewers for ARIS2 have the following responsibilities:

- Assisting the editor and executive editorial board in making editorial decisions and providing constructive feedback to authors.
- Notifying the editor if feeling unqualified to review a manuscript or if timely review is impossible.
- Treating manuscripts as confidential documents and keeping privileged information obtained through peer review confidential.
- Reporting copyright infringement and plagiarism to the editor.
- Conducting objective reviews without regard to authors’ personal characteristics.
- Declining to review manuscripts in cases of conflicts of interest.

Publisher’s Responsibilities:
As publisher of LAPI2S & ARIS2, are responsible for:

- Providing practical support to the editor and executive editorial board to adhere to COPE Code of Conduct for Journals.
- Ensuring editorial autonomy.
- Protecting intellectual property and copyright.
- Maintaining good practice standards as defined above.


This statement reflects our commitment to ethical publishing practices and adherence to international standards for publication ethics. For more details, please consult our Guidelines and Privacy Statment 

ARIS Journal and LAPI2S Lab Ethics Committee