The Organizing Committee of ARIS2 - Advanced Research of Information Systems Security, an International Journal, is committed to organizing a world-class journal covering the innovative developments to overcome technological, organizational, and human challenges within Information Security in Computer Sciences.

With this Call for Special Issue, ARIS intends to bring together leading international experts on systems technologies and cutting-edge information systems and technologies from academia and industry to discuss ground-breaking issues and trends in securing computer technologies.

A. Requirements of the proponent:

1. Ph.D. in Computer Sciences or related field;

2. Significant participation in editorial boards/ program committees / scientific committees of international conferences and journals;

3. Availability to review 2 to 3 papers until August 2023.

B. Application:

Please send a one-paragraph CV to, including information about your affiliation, position, academic degrees, teaching and research interest, and relevant participation on scientific boards of conferences and journals.

Thank you,
The ARIS2 Secretariat